Primarily focusing on ecommerce, I provide a complete set of services necessary to run your online business: setup, website maintenance & updates, hosted solutions, 3rd party integrations, adword campaigns, email marketing, and persistent conversion driven pestering / consultation / creative recommendations. An ongoing strategy for sustaining and growing your business is even more important than having a well-designed, functional website. Previous integrations include:

google adwords
amazon aws
amazon marketplace
solid commerce
google apps

Scalable Solutions

You pay for my time, not to cover an over-staffed design agency and their office overhead. If I bill you for an hour, it's a solid hour that was spent on your project only. If I can handle every aspect of your project, you’ll work only with me. For clients who require weekly maintenance, I block regular weekly hours depending on your needs so there are no worries about reserving my time. If I need to hire an additional programmer, online marketer or a graphic designer (I require a graphic designer for all new projects), you’ll still work mostly with me. You should be spending time doing what you do best, not what I do best.

I’m aware many new businesses start with a small website budget—especially after the initial cost of setting up a new website. As the internet helps your business grow, I’ll help you identify where to allocate money online to spur growth. If your plan is to set up a website without a marketing plan, you’re in for a disappointment, or at best very little annual growth.

Website Philosophy